Stob’s Pyramids (Стобски пирамиди)

Stob’s Pyramids are a hidden gem a short distance off the road to Rila.  A short 30 minute uphill hike will take you atop of two sets of stone formations which are the result of rain erosion on sandstone.  We visited in May and many of the mountains were still snow topped which made for incredible panoramic views.

The first section is about 300 meters long and easily accessible for hikers of all ages.  Past the first hill is a steeper incline that will take you atop the second section, which yields a more spectacular view on a clear day.  To reach this point, you’ll have to hike another 300 meters or so.

I had my 8 month old on by back for the hike but left him behind (with my wife of course) for the last stretch.  The trail is not exactly “safe” by U.S. standards but is definitely accessible by most capable hikers.

From the top there are 360 degree views of the Rila and Pirin mountain ranges.

The total round trip trek is about 2 kilometers and took us about an hour as we stopped periodically to take a bunch of pictures.  When we set out the weather was clear but upon returning we hit a quick rainstorm just before reaching the bottom.

A small tour group was enjoying some local wine down at the bottom which made us a bit jealous but we vowed to return someday and do the same.

We actually passed this site several times before planning a stop on our 3rd trip in that direction.  There isn’t a description with the sign and it was hard to predict what “Stob’s Pyramids” really meant in English.  Yet still relatively unknown, Stob’s Pyramids is definitely worth a stop on your way to Rila or as a separate excursion in itself.  Just bring a raincoat just in case, even if it is a clear day!

Here is a video slideshow of some pictures we took during the trip:

Here are a few of the many pictures we snapped during the trip:

Stobs Pyramids

Climbing Stobs Pyramids

Stobs Pyramids At The Top

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