Trigrad Gorge (Триградско ждрело)

The Trigrad Gorge is an impressive canyon of marble rock that extends several kilometers through the Rhodope Mountains in southeast Bulgaria.  The road reaching the town of Trigrad that runs through the gorge is nearly as exhilarating as the Devil’s Throat cave that is the main attraction.

The road through the canyon includes winding narrow turns and a single lane rock tunnel.  We did the drive several times as we were too nervous to take our eyes off the road the first time through.  We scouted some potential parking spots on the first trip and then stopped to take pictures the second time through.

The marvelous rocks abutting the road are spectacular in all seasons although take extra precaution when traveling the road in the winter.

The main attraction is the Devil’s Throat Cave  (Пещера Дяволско Гърло), whose name is derived from an ancient legend involving Orpheus entering the Underworld.  You can read more about the legend here.

The cave itself is not as long or extensive as many other Bulgarian caves, however the depth is what is awe inspiring.  Inside, you will be able to scale down into the main hall before ascending several hundred steps, reaching an overlook near the exit.  The tour itself lasted just under 30 minutes which was perfect considering I had an 8 month old on my back.

I will admit that the stairs are not for those faint of heart or timid of heights.  I myself am not a huge fan of heights and didn’t look down until I reached the top platform.

All in all, the Devil’s Throat Cave and a visit to the gorge was a wonderful experience capped off by a fantastic lunch afterwards at a local restaurant.  The spot we found was just across the river that had outdoor seating above the rushing waters.  A lovely spot that you won’t miss when driving into the gorge.

As for the town of Trigrad, it is not yet quite equipped with modern tourist amenities.  A lovely little place but we suggest making it a day trip from Devin until the conveniences are up to par.  Some of the hotels were under construction at the time of our visit, so predictably in the near future, there will be some fantastic places to stay.

Check out a short video from inside the cave that was taken during our visit last year.

We also compiled a video slideshow of Trigrad as well as a short clip of navigating the roads.

Also, here are a few of the many pictures we took:

Devil's Throat Trigrad, Bulgaria

Devil's Throat Stairway

Main Hall Devils Throat Cave

Trigrad Gorge, Trigrad, Bulgaria

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